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Expert Tree Trimming Services Western Cape

The Best Way to Maintain Your Trees

Proper pruning techniques are the best way to ensure that your trees maintain their beauty and proper health. Our tree trimming professionals at Bethel Tree Fellers offer seasonal tree care services as well as ways that can help you maintain the appearance of your property. Regular pruning can not only preserve the way a tree looks, but it can also stimulate its health and growth.

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Why Tree Pruning Is So Important?

While the concept of tree pruning seems like a simple DIY project or something you can hand to your everyday gardener, but don’t forget improper pruning can destroy your landscape.

When Your Trees Health Is At Risk, They Can Face:

  • Decay
  • Instability
  • Disease
  • A shorter life

What Makes Us Leaders In Western Cape Tree Trimming?

Our ISA Certified arborists in Western Cape are familiar with the proper trimming techniques and have the appropriate tools for the job. We are proud to have a comprehensive understanding of the basic structure, biology, and needs of every tree. Additionally, Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists has developed relationships with key service providers across the country. As a professional consulting firm, we ensure our referred providers perform all Western Cape tree cutting services according to the International Society of Arboriculture’s Standards.

How Often Your Trees Should Be Pruned?

Most mature trees require trimming at least every 3 years. They will need to be trimmed more often if they grow quickly or are located near power lines, homes, or other obstructions. The best time to trim trees is in the late fall or early spring, just before the tree begins to leaf out again.

Signs to show that your Trees Are Due For A Trimming:

  • It’s been longer than 3 years since they were last trimmed
  • You notice branches extending towards power lines or house roofs
  • There are dead or broken branches
  • Your trees need to be reshaped

Trust Bethel Tree Fellers With All Your Residential Tree Pruning Needs

Our professional Bethel Tree Fellers for tree pruning services combine skill, knowledge, and artistry to minimize defects and compensate for weaknesses, leaving behind a tree that is healthy, inclined to proper growth, aesthetically pleasing, and a welcome addition to your landscape. When you choose Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists you can rest assured that your trees are in the good hands.

Our top-rated arborists in Western Cape can help preserve the health and beauty of your landscape. Contact us at +2762 443 8787 for a free consultation of our Western Cape tree trimming services.

Western Cape Tree Removal Services

Safe, Responsible Services from a Certified Team

At Bethel Tree Fellers, we believe that removing a tree should only be the last resort. While no one wants to see a large, beautiful tree cut down, sometimes poor health, disease, instability, and lack of space make tree removal necessary. When you need tree removal in Western Cape or the nearby areas, turn to our trusted, ISA-Certified Arborists.

We’ve been serving our community since 2005, offering top-quality tree services, including fast, safe, and responsible tree removal in Western Cape. We will only recommend tree removal services after exploring all other options and treatments. Once the decision to take down a tree has been made, we work hard to ensure that the process is safe, effective, and reliable.

Learn more about our tree removal services; call us at +2762 443 8787 to schedule a free consultation with our team!

How Our Western Cape Tree Removal Services Work

While we strive to always preserve the health and life of our community’s trees, we realize that sometimes, removal is the most sensible option. In other situations, you may be dealing with an unsightly tree stump that was leftover from tree removal and it is causing damage to your property.

At Bethel Tree Fellers, it’s our goal to plant more trees than we remove, which is why our tree removal services typically include recommendations for a replacement. No matter your unique situation, our Western Cape tree removal experts work directly with you to find a custom solution.

Our Tree Removal Services Approach:

  • Safe, Responsible Tree Removal: Cutting down a mature tree, whether it is healthy or diseased, is fraught with dangerous potential. Inexpert hands and eyes combined with unprofessional equipment and off-the-cuff planning can result in personal injury, property damage, and other serious repercussions. Taking a tree down safely and effectively requires specialized equipment, expert knowledge, and a plan that considers every possibility while guarding against property damage and personal harm. Our ISA-Certified Arborist will be able to handle the process from start to finish, and we are fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Complete, Effective Tree Stump Remediation: The unsightly stump left by a felled tree can be an unattractive eyesore. If left unattended, stumps can slowly rot away, leading to sunken areas in your yard, insect infestations, and unwanted wildlife. Our tree stump removal process involves complete stump eradication. The final step to removing a tree stump involves powerful grinders that take the remains of a tree down past ground level so grass can grow over the top and leave your lawn uninterrupted.
  • Practical, Planned Replanting:We strive to reduce the total number of tree removals in our communities by consulting with property owners at the planning stages. When a tree does have to be removed, however, we recommend replacing it with a young tree that will fit the space, harmonize with existing landscaping, and provide the desired aesthetic. Our team can help you determine what type of tree is best for the vacant spot, consult with you about replacement tree care, and set you on the right path for healthy, long-lasting trees.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed By Our Western Cape Tree Removal Arborists

When you need tree stump removal in Western Cape, you can trust our certified team. We offer extensive diagnostic research to confirm the necessity of a tree’s removal, along with safe, reliable removal services. Our Western Cape arborists rely on powerful tree removal equipment, including  aggressive stump grinders. Most of all, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the complete safety of your property throughout the removal process.

Exceptional Tree Health Care Services In Western Cape

Reputable Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists Combating Tree Disease

Have your trees stopped looking vibrant? Trees can succumb to disease, which is why it is imperative that you regularly inspect them. Healthy, vigorous, and well-maintained trees are almost always able to resist insect outbreaks and disease. If your tree has become diseased, however, Bethel Tree Fellers may be able to save it by strategically pruning away infected branches.

If you believe there is a diseased tree on your property, Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists is a phone call away. For the skilled and dedicated Western Cape tree health care services you deserve, contact our office at +2762 443 8787 .

How Do I Know If My Tree Is Infected?

You may want to promptly get a hold of one of our B.T.F arborists if you notice the following:

Leaf Issues:

  • Your tree is losing leaves
  • Your tree’s leaves have insects or sap on them
  • Your tree’s leaves are yellowing
  • Your tree’s leaves have brown spots or holes

Branch Issues:

  • Your tree has dead or broken branches
  • Your tree has long and heavy branches
  • Your tree’s branches are hitting buildings / structures
  • Your tree’s branches have become potentially hazardous

Bark Issues:

  • Your tree’s bark has holes in it
  • Your tree’s bark is peeling off of the trunk/branches
  • Your tree’s trunk has cracks or splits in it
  • Your tree is excreting excess sap / showing signs of discoloration

Root System Issues:

  • Your tree has had fill built up around it
  • Your tree was planted too deep
  • Your tree has had the ground around it compacted
  • Your tree’s base is being sprayed by irrigation
  • Your tree has had recent construction activity underneath it
  • Your tree is suffocating from a lack of oxygen and poor drainage
  • Your tree is suffering from poor soil conditions

How Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists Can Help You Save Your Trees

At Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists, our team of Western Cape tree health professionals are prepared around the clock to diagnose your trees’ problems, suggest a treatment plan, and perform any necessary physical work. This includes treating a tree for insect infestations, delivering wound care to damaged trees and testing your tree’s soil. Avoid the liability of poorly maintained trees! We can help you enhance the health of your trees as well as increase the value of your property.

Our Western Cape Commercial Tree Services
B.T.F Commercial Tree Care & Maintenance Plans

Did you know that tree upkeep significantly enhances your commercial property’s value? Properly maintained trees can add charm and scale to your property as well as a host of social, economic, and environmental benefits. Trees that are not properly cared for can decrease your property’s value while also creating a potential hazard to your landscape.

If you want to add trees to your commercial property or learn how to cut down the costs of your annual tree care, we encourage you to speak with one of our experienced arborists in Wstern Cape. You can reach us by dialing +2762 443 8787.

Why Choose American Arborists For Your Commercial Tree Needs?

At Bethel Tree Fellers, we are committed to providing exceptional commercial tree services in Western Cape and surrounding areas by helping you maintain your trees in a simple and affordable manner.

Our Western Cape commercial tree care experts have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of commercial clients that include business and industrial parks, landscaping contractors, governments and municipalities, schools and universities and golf courses.

B.T.F. Your Trusted Arborists

You can count on us to get the job done right the first time!

Why Get Bethel Tree Fellers Arborists on the Job?

  1. Our licensed arborists are up-to-code with safety procedures.
  2. We stand behind our work, finishing jobs on time and on budget.
  3. Free consultations are offered for every customer served.
  4. Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 guarantee.
  5. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  6. Our team specializes in all things trees!

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